Wednesday, February 4, 2009

EXTRA! EXTRA! Yours Truly, In the News!

Dear Constant Reader (and anyone else who accidentally found this site when they misspelled "Show Me the Shell"):

Much to my absolute amazement and shock, I was approached by an online magazine to offer what was termed a "brain dump" about my environmental knowledge. You be the judge about which end it came from.

Anyway, the 1 hour interview resulted in enough information for 3 articles. Many of you who have either heard my "soap box speeches" or have read my rants (loosely termed blog posts) may be surprised, but never fear. They are long articles and, though written with a more serious bent that you may be used to from me, are probably worth checking out, if only for the highly unflattering pictures of yours truly. Plus, the folks at Blue Planet, Green Living are, if I may coin a term, "eco-licious!"

You can find the articles in all their ephemeral online glory, plus a whole bunch of other neat eco stuff, at

The articles in order are:

Red Tape, Regulations and Environmetnal Crimes

ISO 14001: Comply with Laws, Prevent Pollution, Continually Improve

My 5: Molly Long, A.W.E. Consulting